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Delhi, December 6, ( a few moments, Gandhi will be elected as Congress president. Sonia Gandhi, Manmohan Singh and other senior leaders have nominated him. 40 signatures have been signed on 4 sets. Rahul will be the sixth man who will take over as Congress president from Nehru's family. Rahul will be the Prime Minister of the country if the Congress comes to power in the future (2019 or 2024). Rahul was born in 1970 as the second child of Rajiv Gandhi and Sonia. Rahul and his sister Priyanka were well-known to their grandmother Indira Gandhi. Rajiv Gandhi was murdered in Perumbavoor, Tamil Nadu in 1991, when Rahul entered his 21st run. Rahul was deeply troubled by Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi's political assassination. Rahul's schooling was at a prominent school in Dehradun. Later, she completed Inter at St Stephen's College, Delhi. After graduating from the Trinity College of Cambridge University in 1995, Rahul worked for three years in a leading management company in London. Subsequently he returned to India and founded a consultancy in Mumbai. Rahul Gandhi entered politics in 2004. The prince, who contested from his father's parliamentary seat Amethi constituency, won with a lakh votes. Since then, the name of the 'prince' has been settled in politics. Rahul, who is an MP, has been regularly entering into party affairs. In 2007, he was made party general secretary. The next year he was elected as the All India Congress Committee General Secretary. At the same time, he became the member of the Indian Youth Congress and National Students Union of India. Rahul, who took over the party affairs during the 2009 parliamentary elections, has been successful for the first time. Rahul, who has been in the fray in the 22 Lok Sabha seats in the election, has suffered a stiff challenge in the 2010 Bihar assembly polls. The party has got only 4 seats for 243 seats. In 2011, Rahul began to struggle with the Mayawati government. Standing in the heart of the farmers who opposed land acquisition for industries in the state and earned their hearts. Traveling across the motor bike in remote villages and taking active part in the movement, the Mayawati government has given a nod. Many times he went to Arreste Jail. This is another setback to Rahul's failure to gain power in the 2012 Lok Sabha polls. Even if he is the Cabinet minister for two terms in Manmohan, Rahul has rejected the proposal smoothly. In 2013, he became the vice president of the Congress party. The Congress party has played a strategic role during the 2014 parliamentary election. Sonia Gandhi again went to the polls with Manmohan Charisma, referring to the opinion of the leaders of the party to announce Rahul as prime minister in the wake of the two terms in power. Everybody thinks that the BJP-led BJP party has a good victory over its 282 seats in the elections. Since February 23, 2014, a long hiatus from 56 days of politics has led to Rahul's sensation. Rahul, who was addressing farmers' issues in Parliament in 2012, attracted all attention. In the same year, on Twitter, Rahul is coming up with his tweet on the Modi regime. The fight against 'net neutrality' has come close to the youth of the country. Today, Rahul has 4.68 million followers on twitter. Rahul, who has been criticized in recent times, has recently attracted the attention of the Modi government through the Speech in California University. Rahul, who has been a bachelor since then, has questioned the media about how many times he is married. Sonia, who has been president for 20 years, has created a new history. There was no one in that post.

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