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Chennai, December 11, ( film politics is warming up. Some Tamil producers are concerned that Vishal, who is the president of the Tamil Producers' Council, has been compelled to contest elections in the RKNagar polls and asked not to consult the council. Many people are demanding Ridhya, T. Rajender and Raghavendra to seek Vishal from the post of Producers Council President. These are the opposite of Vishal. Producers council meeting was held in Chennai under similar circumstances. But the meeting with the Vishal Anti-Terrorism Committee has become a blaze. There seemed to be some of the producers getting rid of mileage to give them the chance to talk. Nevertheless, the Vishal community has come with them. The meeting ended without interruption. Senior director, producer T. Rajender, who came out of the meeting, spoke with the media too. Rajendender alleged that the original convention was too late and the organizers of the Tamil Mother Tea Party had performed the song without anybody on stage. He said that he had refused to give them to the question. When the council asks for calculations, no one can answer. Rajender alleged that the culprits were up to Rs 7 crore in the council. The GST and the entertainment tax have been reduced if it is properly negotiated with the state government. The director and producer Cheran said that the organizers did not answer the questions by answering 450 questions at the meeting. Producers' Council chose Vishal as disqualified as president. However, for some time, Vishal's name is changing in the media. Vishal is in the news with movie politics more than his films. All the arguments are up to the nomination denial in the RK Nagar election from the near Nadigar Sangam election to defeat the giant Sarath Kumar. Some of the producers are seeing that Vishal is the chairman of the Producers Council.

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