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Chandrababu Center to check in Polavaram?

Hyderabad December 14 ( sources informed that the Center had decided to check the AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu for the Polavaram project. Union Minister Gadkari has made several key decisions. Gadkari decided to appoint an officer at Rajahmundry to give information on what is happening at the field level. Nitin Gadkari, the Union Minister, will examine the progress of the project. Chandrababu sent a clear signal to Gadkari that he did not have a huge amount of Rs 7 lakh crore. A blanket permission was granted by the Secretary to the Minister of Irrigation for any problem. At the same time, Gadkari was temporarily suspended for a tender of Rs 1400 crore, This is definitely the case with Chandrababu. It is wrong to call the tenders like this without the permission of the original PPA. The center is not willing to get away from the project Strauss from the project. The main reason for this is that construction costs will increase if new tenders are called. However, transmai says that they will be willing to do things if they pay tariffs as rates are tender. But this proposal is not being looked at since Chandrababu's final goal is different. However, the Polar Bureau has done a constant surveillance of the Central Government Gadkari, which has identified the Damage to the BJP in the name of Chandrababu Polavaram in the AP ... The BJP sources claim that it is in the forefront of the lion's share of the lion. Will the Polavaram be completed by 2019 directly into the center? However, if the Polavaram project is completed, it will be a boon for the AP people.

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