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There are no differences with Dawood: Chhota Shakeel

Mumbai, December 14, ( has recently responded to the news that there is a disagreement in the deeper gang. Chhota Shakeel made clear that he had no differences with Dawood Ibrahim. Chota Shakeel has made it clear that it will work for De Company in underworld. Chatta Shakeel has been informed by the surveillance agencies that have come up with Dawood Ibrahim.
Chhota Shakeel said that the raids were only rumors. Chota Shakeel has recently stated that Dei will work for his last breath. Chota Shakeel has been quoted as saying to the Zee News from a location. At the same time 'I'm always with Bhai. I will be there longer. In Dao Gang, Dawood is right to Chota Shakeel.
As Dawes's brother Anis grew up in Dee Gang, Shota Shakeel had been disturbed by Dawood. At the same time, the Pakistani intelligence agency Inter Services Intelligence has made serious efforts to add Dawood to Chota Shakeel.

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