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Chali paja in ranga Reddy districts.

Hyderabad, December 2, ( the district, the Chali paja is thrown. Minimum temperatures fall to day by day and the district gets chilly. The minimum temperature was recorded at 9.5 degrees Celsius. This is the first time ever recorded the temperature. The fear of the people in the coming days has been the worst since the temperatures are gradually declining over the course of each day. Especially since the last four days have fallen in the lowest number of people in the district. Temperatures decrease day by day and the chill of snow increases in intensity. This fog burns all the villages in the villages of Ramayampet and Nizampet Mandal for the past week. This fog starts from midnight and lasts for 7 hours in the morning. With the intensity of fog in the cold, the farmers are not going to go for farming. Even children and adults are suffering from severe cold in the villages too. Two bikers who travel by ice are in danger of seeing vehicles coming opposite. Sales of sweets in the town are growing. The intensity of the cold is ever higher than ever before. What's missing from fog in the morning at 7 o'clock. People are shivering with chills. The elderly are restricted to bedrooms in the house. Even those who are healthy on the side are also suffering from fever and fever.

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