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The Bible is vital

Vijayawada, December 25, ( Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu said that the festive Christmas celebration around the world. Speaking at the

occasion of the Christmas celebrations at the St. Paul's Church in the city, the speaker said that Christmas wishes to all Telugu people. Chandrababu said that

Christian missionaries are unforgettable. This is a holy day

The value of how many gods are counted with Jesus Christ is that this god is worth the understanding. To get inspired by Christmas ..

Christian brothers are nicknamed

All Christian missions have been given priority to the education and medical field.

Cotton dora is also a Christian who projects projects

He loved Christ and taught Christ to love enemies.

5 minutes Bible reading can be solved

Biblical solution has shown a lot of problems.

Who does any good work with God

All of us trust in Jesus Christ and move on.

The prayers for the capital and Polavaram project are to be taken away ...

Baba wants to get poverty and people want to be happy

Come to me directly with any problem .. Bishop Rajarav with Chandrababu ..

In the past, 3 lakhs for the construction of churches are now given 5 lakhs.

He said the problems of the Burial Ground will be solved soon. Christmas will be a consciousness ...

The nickname of the service is these Christian brotherhood sisters

 To learn from. These well-known politicians were also provided by the St. Paul Keddhurik Educational Institutions. Heavy irrigation minister Devineni Uma Maheshwara

Rao also participated.

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