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New Delhi, December 18, ( the election of Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi and the Congress president's new president Rahul Gandhi, the whole country has been keen to see the results of this election. Jayalakshmi Bijeekee is the most important party in this election and the Kamalam party is getting stuck. But the most interesting thing is that Rahul Gandhi is the person who loses his party in both the two states. The Congress president, Rahul Gandhi, has grown up. Rahul succeeded in throwing the BJP in self-defense in Gujarat. After the formation of the government in the Center in 2014, the BJP has never been so defenseless. However, even if Modi fails to defeat Modi in the 2019 elections, he will be able to take Modi as the prime minister. Therefore, the Opposition seeking the defeat of Modi will not be behind Rahul in the next election. Rahul Gandhi, now known as Pappu Chudda, Chaiti Bhim, is now aggressive in his criticism and strong self-confidence. Especially in the opposition with the party, the change in the rhetoric raised confidence in him. In contrast to the various elections around Modi, this time, Rahul fought hard in the Gujarat legislative elections and was able to reverse the politics. The victory in the elections is not enough, but the BJP is stifling the BJP and Rahul Gandhi, who was disturbed by Modi and Amit Shah, could have taught Gujarat lessons for political future. Rahul Gandhi, who has faced this aside from the political parties as a Failure Leader, is also a member of his own party. This is the failure of Gujarat's Modi and Amit Shah's own state, strong network and lack of that level for the Congress. The electoral campaigners make clear that Rahul Gandhi has emerged from Gujarat as a new generation leader in all these negative situations. It is evident that the politics around Modi has turned around Rahul Gandhi. For the first time, Modi and Amit Shah did not make speeches without Rahul's name. The BJP leaders have been campaigning about Rahul's visit to the temples. Rahul made an attempt to repel the BJP's criticisms. The leaders of caste unions in Gujarat are supporting the Congress and touring the Prime Minister of Gujarat in the wake of the Patiala movement. Rahul Gandhi was adept at campaigning. The BJP considers it more than 120 seats. But Modi has not even predicted that the Congress will give a tough fight and reduce their votes and seats. In his home state, Amit Shah Target estimated that Modi had done 150 per cent and no more than 120 seats, but few seats were low. So, Modi says that it is not possible to dismantle his reforms. It can be tilted towards popularity.

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