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Aikamatyame mahabalam...

Anantapuram, December 14, ( district, Bhukkapatanam Mandalam was held at the Shatika Shiva Temple.

The Chief Guest of the State Welfare Board of Andhra Pradesh Construction Workers' Association, Sri Thoram Raja, participated in this event.

He said the workers were united from the village level to the state level and the welfare schemes were to be fulfilled and the government plans to get the work of the workers' home to get the job done.

 Enrollment of village and other structural welfare councils should be completed by appointment of village Stayyimites.

20000 for the registered workers as wedding present, 500,000 for the two confessions to the Conference of Prize 50,000
He said that there are many such schemes.

He was at the helm
Bhukachapatna village was unanimous of any village.

President. Bhodapati Narayana Swamy

Dasari Srinuwas

Mahamod Firoz

Secretary. Bhollesayi

Joint Secretary

Kosidikari.Mahabhobh Basha

The child is the king of the committee. Madhunagaraju. Smaller Hamanulla.MajjuNath. Ennikayyaru.

Every decision was made on the first Monday.

Mandalahood Hawk Committee. Yn narsimhas. Guntur Nagraj. Pooruri Nagraj.
G. Sivanvias and Manjunath.

In this program, the Narsimhans. Guntur Nagabhushanam. Panduri Nagraj J Venkatarasam and others participated.

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