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Giddi Eswari, MLA who sings into TDP.

maravati, November 27, ( Eswari, MLA, said that the Vice-Sub-Inspector did not like him and did not join the TDP in killing self-esteem. On Monday, she joined TDP in the presence of Chief Minister Chandrababu. Gaddi invited to the party to cover the scarf. A large number of local public representatives and VIPs activists joined the party, along with Gaddi Eswari. Speaking on this occasion, she said that after the Hoodud cyclone, Chief Minister Chandrababu worked with the fast. He said that due to his efforts, tribal and remote areas are also developing. For the party, I worked hard for the welfare of the tribals. But I did not get proper recognition at that party. He said that he is a partisan of the tribals and working with Chandrababu for tribal rights. He believes that people have chosen him, and he will do their duty, without causing their trust. TDP leaders invited me into the party as a sister. Now I will work with TDP leaders. Chief Minister, TDP president. Chandrababu said he wanted to come together for the development of the state. Kiran Kumar Reddy's brother Kishore Kumar Reddy said the move was a big step. Ishwari is happy to come together to promote development. More welfare programs are being done in tribal areas. My aim is to increase the brand of the shark coffee. Everyone who wants to serve people must come forward. Not the leaders of the party .. Chandrababu made it clear that whoever comes forward will be invited to come.

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