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Electricity surplus in three years

Hyderabad, November 22, ( much change in three years In 2014, the current delays in Telangana. There is a malicious propaganda that industries are moving in cuts. Electricity in Telangana is also available for industrial and household consumers on the one hand agriculture, on the other hand, even today. The 24-hour power supply to agriculture is not Ashashima. After the Telangana state surplus electricity in the three years, the Chief Minister of KCR, a team of electrical experts is impressed by the effort. At one stage, the state of Andhra Pradesh did not cooperate fully with the power of the state, but with the confidence of the plantation led to Telangana. The operational plan is designed and implemented by the action plan for the development of power sector at a cost of Rs 94 crore. The per capita power consumption is a state of economic growth. Telangana State exceeds the national average per capita electricity consumption. If per capita power consumption is about 1200 units per annum, now the per capita power consumption has increased to 1505 units. Telangana power consumption increased by 26 per cent in three years. The reason for this is the Chief Minister KSR's vision and early plans are the cause of Telangana Jenco CMD Godallapally Prabakara Rao. The national average was 1122 units in 2016-17, while the Telangana average was 383 units. This growth will mirror the state's progress and a better way of life. The wages are being generated by the funds allocated for Rs. 4,772 crore for power subsidies. The Telangana state has joined the Uday scheme to remove the financial burden on the discoms. The government is paying over Rs 8923 crore debt over disinvestment. The disks are debt-free and are functioning efficiently. The Telangana state was 6574 MW. This led to industrialists being bumbled. But in the first year, the power sector has become a face. At present there is an addition of 7981 MW. 1200 MW through the power plant, 600 MW by KTPC, 240 MW by zoology and another two thousand MW through central power plants. The new solar power system has increased the capacity of 14,555 MW. Currently, Telangana has the maximum capacity of 2792 MW solar power generation in the country. In addition, the construction of new plants for power generation is 13752 MW. 1880 MW of electricity generated by next year's new power plant is available. Ramagundam will get 1600 MW electricity through two years of NTPC power. The Telangana state has completed construction of new power lines between the North and South Grids in line with the growing demand for power. The Telangana State Agreement with Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd has been signed for the purpose of acquiring 2,000 MW electricity from anywhere in the country.

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