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Criminal cases are prepared for chequebauns.

Hyderabad November 25 ( GHMC officials focused on asset tax collections. TAX inspectors and bill collectors are targeting tax collections by targeting this amount more than last year. In the Circle-10B (18), the government has set up a target of Rs 141 crore for the 2017-18 financial year so far has collected Rs. 82 crore in the circle. By the end of December, the taxpayers are making arrangements to pay tax before taxing the city without waiting until late March. While issuing red notices to all existing tax defectors, bill collectors and tax inspectors are forced to pay taxes by contacting their counterparts. Last year, they had already issued notices by the Circle Subcontractor for all who bounced the property taxes before the checks. Apart from these two notices have also been issued notices for property tax payers for two or three years. Officials said all the arrangements were made to register criminal cases against them if they refused to pay taxes by December 30 and not receive their notices. Some went to court for property tax. Officials say they are issuing warrants as they conduct business transactions while in court proceedings. Authorities say they are under consideration for strict action taken against those who are backed by their fixed and mortgage. We have already issued red notices to those with a large amount of property tax deductions for GHMC. They have to pay taxes immediately. Everyone in the development of Hyderabad, which is developing as a universal adviser, suggests. Many lounges will be displayed on the list of names whose names have been delayed for a long time without paying taxes. Officials said they would order their assets if they did not pay.

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