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Checks canceled ..Will not do..

New Delhi November 25 ( bookings will be late. The news came as Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government could take a decision on the issue of digital transactions in the country. Pande Khandelwal, general secretary of All India Trade Union (CAT), recently told the Center that the Center would provide good check to the bank check book as part of promoting digital transactions. The news has been reported to the media that the government is planning to check the checks for further strengthening of digital transactions. But the central clarity has been given. The checks are not valid for bookies. Though the news that the check book will be withdrawn, the Finance Ministry made it clear that there is no such proposal. Special tweet has been made to this extent. The checks for digital transactions have no connection to mingling. Prime Minister Narendra Modi strongly believes that cash-free India is the best solution for black money-eradicating currencies. On the eve of November 8, he announced that he would cancel 500 - 1000 notes. In this context, the revival of revolutionary changes in the field of domestic banking. This led to a gradual increase in card transactions - a decline in cash demand.
On the other hand, business transactions across the country are mostly carried out by checks. Experts say 95 percent of the current transactions are due to cash and checks. Reports say the use of checks has increased after cash transactions have fallen following the annulment of notes. It is widely reported that the Czech book ban will have an impact. Checks in small and medium enterprises (SMEs) payments are higher. Delivery of goods - Suppliers are based on customer checks. These are often used in new transactions, as they are valid checks for the desired date. The merchandise will also be able to retain checks. The demand for checks in real estate is also high. Landmarks - Landmarks are preferred by checkers. Most rentals are taken by checks. There are a lot of payments, such as Bhim, from bigger banknotes.

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