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33 thousand people in the Mediterranean Sea,United Nations.

New York, November 26 ( United States has said that Mediterranean is the world's most dangerous borders. The United Nations has said that immigrants are traveling across the Mediterranean Sea to reach different countries of the European Union in an illegal way from different countries. Thus the Mediterranean Sea is identified as the most deadly border. According to the United Nations statement, they have gone through the Mediterranean Sea between 2000 and 2016. However, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) believes that the European Union has reduced some deaths due to contract with Turkey in relief to refugees. The announcement was made by European University faculty Phillip. In fact, the number of casualties in the Mediterranean is about 33 thousand, "he said. In the year 2017, the IOM reported that nearly 61,000 refugees from the European Union had reached the European Union, and in the process, many people were killed in the middle of the night.

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