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Amravati ,June 1 (
 four years has been finished to Andhra Pradesh which is formed as new state with 13 districts .now  It is the 5th year. Near the half decade. We have achieved a lot of success in Vannak. We are still behind in neighboring states. We are behind the neighboring states. Even though the states are rapidly developing, we can not even improve our speed of movement, Continue for a decade We need to have a continuous quest, perseverance, dedication and integrity in this effort. To achieve the objective economic goals of the economy and reach them within a fixed period of time. To achieve this quest, perseverance, dedication and dedication, we must go ahead with our rich heritage and historical significance. The Telugu Desam Government is in the state The new division of Andhra Pradesh was dumped in Andhra Pradesh at an estimated cost of Rs 16,000 crore. Our departure started with the imposition of free bonds. Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu accompanied me with a lantern lantern ( 23 million units of power shortage) New President Rs.20,000 crores of farmers' loan, Rs.10,000 crores for yellow and junior women, Rs.6,000 crores every month, Rs.2,500 crores ration distribution, NTR medical service, free medical examinations, 2 lakh bicycles, employment, wedding gifts and other welfare schemes.Recently with priorities of Rs 50,000 crores Irrigation projects, an increase in bhugarbajalala, profitable agriculture, infrastructure development, etc. Convergence naregato by double-digit growth for three years sadhistunnamdinini kalpistunnamvarusaga permanent resources to continue in the next decade would require more sphurtivantam, hard driven, cittasuddito, paniceyalimanalo cittasuddi dedication, perseverance, dedication put The Telugu Desam government has selected the Vettukettu, Malappuva, ​​Rama Chilika and Krishna Deer as the state symbols. The state government has a rich, quest, inspiration behind the selection of the dark deer as the january of the Vespattu, the state bird, the Ramapuzha as the state bird and the spirit of the state. The new state has inspired all the people increase image To increase tudala, cittasuddito, dedicated to overcoming the present towards the future was chosen sagipoyenduke rastracihnaluga the signs.
Neem tree (State tree): A tree with many succulents. Pure air. Gives health. Cosmetic nutrition. The Lord Goddess is worshiped as a nanny.

(Like ours, Andhra Pradesh also needs to be independent. No need to be healthy without reaching any illness.
Beauty, perfume, beauty, beauty, aroma, skin aesthetics. It is beautiful and beautiful. (Andhra Pradesh is like a jasmine, aromatics, a stimulant, all stimulant With goodness)
Parrot (State Bird): Beauty, delight, and beauty is excellent.America, reddish staircase, pet bird, prophetic (prophecy) voices, ambassador (parrot is the state of Andhra Pradesh is also pleasant and luxurious, clever, timely, and pleasant relationships Have to go in the future)
The state of Andhra Pradesh is also active and active. We need to be aware of what's going on. We need to be careful about what is going on. 5 crore Andhra Pradesh We want to reinvigorate this year's new innovative initiative on June 2. Let us review the progress of the year. Let's look forward to future development. By 2020, as the country's third most populous state, by 2029, it will be the country's best state by 2050 to create Andhra Pradesh Let's do a great will.

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