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Mumbai, May 10, (
State Bank of India (SBI) has launched a Yano app last year, which will enable SBI to set up savings account from mobile. But it has a specialty. These days, the SBI, which collected the consumers' nickel bonus of minimized balance, split into three parts in rural, semi-urban and urban areas and reduced the amount to some extent. The latest news is that SBI has opened a new INTSA Saving Account with Zero Balance. The offer will be available till August this year.
SBI zero storage account.


There is no need to visit any branch to open an account in SBI and upload relevant documents online from home and provide an opportunity to open an account with SBI. SBI announced that the Zero Balance Account offer is a limited time offer. SBI provides the opportunity to open a paperless account without the need to submit these papers to the relevant branch. This account is open to customers who have a debit card. In this account, the consumer can save up to Rs 1 lakh while the annual transaction limit is Rs.2 lakh. If this account can be converted into a common savings account after one year ... Customers will have to visit the relevant branch at that time.

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