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Hyderabad, May 25 (
State government chief secretary Dr.S.K.Joshi ordered the higher officials  to set up a functional project for all villages with respective district collectors ,by the special Officers who are  appointed by the Government to monitor the distribution of books and farmer's cheque across the state are required.On Friday in the Secretariat, he reviewed with special officials on the strategy to follow on the distribution of passbooks and  cheques.


Special Officers appointed to the districts have been asked to guide the collectors to make safe passage of the books and checks to farmers by making a special strategy. Regional meetings will be held in the villages to visit villages and solve problems. The teams of the Mandal officials should visit every village. To focus on the faults of the papers and look at them correctly. Coordination with the Ministers allocated to the districts to take up the program with special drive. The problem in the villages should be studied. The publisher who has already distributed the papers and checks should be reviewed. As many as 57.33 lakh accounts have been cleared across the state and about 40 lakhs have been distributed so far. There are urgent steps to distribute the remaining pass books in the district. Digital signatures for the Aadhar-linked accounts should be completed soon. The names of the patrons already printed in the printed book are dysfunctional, the death of the paternal, the sale of photographs, the fault of the photos, the lower the number, the higher the registration, the forest controversy and the details of the pastors are not properly recorded. Some of the Aadhaar details are not printed because the papers are not printed, while others have submitted the Aadhaar, but there are some photographs that have been submitted to digital signature and to take action for distribution. Urgent payments to banks in order to cash in on farmers' checks and urged to issue orders for distribution of the remaining checks. Checks and papers are meant to provide quality guidelines for the quality of distribution. The program is to be completed by June 20th. Special General Secretaries such as Ajay Mishra, Prathapachandran, Chief Executives Adhar Sinha, Sunil Sharma, Ramakrishna Rao, Somesh Kumar, Vikas Raj, Jaish Ranjan, Shivshankar, Shashank Goyal, Secretaries, SriLaxmi, Sandeep Kumar Sultania, Buddha Prakash Jyoti, Anita Rajendra, Manik Raj, Panchayati Raj Commissioner Neetu Prasad, HDA Commissioner Chiranjeevi, Singareni Cd D Sridhar, Girija Welfare Department Commissioner Cristina Jad Chongtu and others participated.

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