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Hyderabad May 22 (
Dr. K. Lakshma Reddy, Minister of Health and Family Welfare, expressed happiness over the award for KCR scheme. The minister said, "We have already won many awards, not the country and the country. Many Union ministers and ministers of different states also congratulated the CM. In the past, the Department of Medical Health has also been awarded. All this has been done according to the direction of the KCR, and it is possible for the Chief Minister to act on the idea. That is why the Minister thanked Lakshmaretti Special. Besides, senior officials, doctors and nurses have been able to do better work. The award has been increased and the KCR KIT scheme will be implemented and will get more and more public attention. On the 3rd of June 2017, the KCR KIT scheme was started by the Chief KCR in the Backyard Hospital. The scheme, which started in the KCR Periyar, is the most prestigious of any scheme in any State in Telangana. It is also implemented in the state to enhance the self-esteem of pregnant women.


The KCR Kit scheme has been announced by the Chief Minister as a humanitarian project to enhance respect for the pregnant woman in the community and to create a strong foundation for the health of the health of all the pregnant women in all phases. The Telangana area of ​​the joint state before the KCR-Kit scheme is 6 lakhs and 50,000 maternity annually occur In the meantime, only 30 percent of these were in government hospitals. Most of the public and private hospitals are transmitted through transmissions. Our government has developed a comprehensive three-fold scheme to provide for pregnant women through the KCR-KIT scheme. Services at the time of delivery, services after childbirth and delivery services are already in the state hospitals - 1,96,702 have been delivered so far. Natural transmissions - 1,05,888 & operation - 91.001. 1,83,382 - KC-kit was distributed. 6,34,789 pregnant women have been distributed by 201.37 CR at different stages. All the hospitals have increased in traffic and these services have increased from 31% to 50% in government hospitals. The IMR (39 to 31) and MMR (92 to 70) have been reduced to MMR (92 to 70). In the hospitals to meet the increased congestion, 24x 7 services have been arranged. The new 15 MCH hospitals have been planned to be developed and extra bed has been provided in district and teaching hospitals. As far as resources are concerned - permissions. (Regular 4000 Posts & 1000 NNM posts have been given special training through Staff-to-Profit Programs. Special Cadre for Assistance to Doctors in Hospitals in Natural Childbirth for Injury / Hospital (2000 / - birthday) Training centers for children ICUs - Nilofar, Pattalur, Gandhi, Sula Than Bazaar sets up special ICUs in hospitals before childbirth and after childbirth and will be set up in other hospital nursing clinics as per requirement.It increases special ICUs from 21 to 34 and provides newborns for newborns.This way, Mata presents a child care and health third.

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