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Visakhapatnam, May 26, (
AP minister Ganta Srinivasa Rao situation is became like a worst. Changing parties can make it easier for him to change his kittens. Not the parties .. the constituents change as well. The campaign is going on now that the hour is now talking to the juniors chief. And that's what the MP Vijaya sai reddy said he was in touch with YSR Congress. YSR Congress MP Vijayasayeddy commented that this is a cat on the wall wall. If any party came to power, he would go there for hours. It is normal for the minister to go to any party hour. He is in the ruling party. The same party's success. That is why YSR Congress party leaders are joking to come back to our party.


Ganta feels that the opposition on TDP will rise. Hence the idea of ​​leaving the Bheemili constituency and the idea of ​​changing the house to the Vizianagaram district. That's hot now. The land scams are scared to go out of the TDP when he is surrounded by his neck. Otherwise this party is going to join another party. Vayalakudu Narayana is preserving much of his life. Otherwise, it is likely to be banned for an hourly post. On the other hand, there are many charges in the case of Subhadra. He was promising to marry a heroine that he wandered with the heroines. Whichever is worth the Ganta, it is not worth to criticize at least one Ganta Of ethics. Vijayasayi Reddy criticized YSR Congress for making a comeback into the Congress party which has now turned into a number of parties.

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