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Vijayawada, May 23, (
Partition Guarantees, Polavaram, Funds, Nothing but the other thing that has reached the Andhra state now ... Ashok Gajapathi Raju was the airline minister, from Gannavaram airport, to Dubai for international services, and accepted the principle of running the Air India service . Customs and Immigration Centers have also been set up at Gannavaram airport. The police have also provided the necessary security. Now all the Air India is averse to avoiding airport authorities and crushing the mechanism. At the last minute Air India's hands are being debated, Air India's director of airport director Madhusudan Rao told Krishna district collector Laxmikantam. He decided to take the issue of the issue of international service. Ashok Gajapathi Raju's resignation was not at the center of our efforts at the Center. 


The state government has recently written to the Central Civil Aviation Ministry to take immediate steps to conduct international services. Air India's death has not been reacted even after the letter was written. Air India's approach to international service has been criticized for its serious criticism. The authorities have also been overwhelmed by the reasons for not going to Dubai from Vijayawada. One point is that the Union Foreign Ministry does not allow the Hopping Tribes to go abroad for security reasons. From Mumbai to Mumbai, the flight service from Vijayawada to Dubai from Sharjah to Vijayawada and Mumbai. This is also a happing flot. Air India has been criticized for not letting Dubai service run by the seat-sharing alignment as part of a bilateral agreement between India and the Arab Emirates.

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