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Amaravati, April 4, (
Nara Lokesh is the son of Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. Put this quality... To play a key role in Sarkar. But he doesn’t like the tag of ‘CM son’ in his career. To come up with self. Targets were working hard to do that. The key responsibilities in TDP, the position of the minister, Lokesh did not expect. He has  gifts by his hard working. TDP has given him this position in accordance with their most common nervousness to recognize and respect the labor. Lokesh who took the task of handing over the party to him did not leave the hard work of the hard work. He did not want to rest from duty for a year as a minister. They are trying hard to work for the sake of publicity. Policies are designed to make it less. To become a minister from the rank of the level. The performance of the Lokesh examination is very easy to understand that he is the most common man. As Father's Chief Minister, he did not get the upper hand. Self-discipline has all been achieved. At the party he has received not only the uniqueness but also the immense respect. Think about other activists as a worker. That is why he worked hard to set up a welfare fund for all party workers who trusted the party.


Lokesh has come up with the idea of ​​a welfare fund for the cadres; In fact, he has forgotten his background since he focused on party activities. Working hard for TDP as a common man, not a son of the party. Become an entrepreneur and learned lessons. Has made sharp the leadership qualities. He worked hard for TDP in the 2009-2014 elections. Think of the common man and tell the top leadership what people expect from the party. There is a wide range of tasks on the part of the project which will be the benefit of public opinion. Besides regular leaders, activists and people have been in touch with the common man and learned how party policies would be better. As per the public, the scheme has been planned for the development of the state. Everlasting student Lokesh. The same trend in politics is going on. Learning everything is proving him. This highly educated young man is going through good visions.

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