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New Delhi, April 4, (
Chandrababu met with various party leaders. Prior to being a member of the Parliament, the Prime Minister prayed to the stairs. Now the CM Chandrababu Naidu has done the same. Babu urged the opposition to put up an unbelievable resolution to do justice to the AP and to support it. But the scenes in this film are not. Parliamentary steps down and bend for a few minutes to the cameraman.At the Mahatma Gandhi statue in Chandrababu parliamentary constituency, Chandrababu moved in line with the instructions of the photographers at the stairs of Parliament's main gate. Some photographer did not take a photo of Chandra Babu's touch on the steps. Once again, Babu was doing the same with their suggestions. The talk is not about once and for three or four times. Chandra Babu has been hiding from Mahatma Gandhi's statue in the parliament premises. At that time, a photograph of two photographs of Gandhi was hit by a statue of Gandhi twice. Chandrababu, who came to Parliament, met with leaders of various parties. He met with senior Congress leader Jairam Ramesh. He explained the attitude of the center in the implementation of division guarantees. Asked to cooperate in the fight for the AP for justice, then Chandrababu met with senior BJP leader and MP Murli Manohar Joshi. On this occasion he described the injustice done by the Modi Sarkar at the Center. Allied, the Center has done badly in implementing the division of the AP. He was handed a report on division guarantees. Chandrababu  said to Muralimanohar Joshi  that he was out of the NDA for the sake of justice.


Today, the House has been postponed without discussion in Parliament today. That's what happens now for ten days. It is not new that Chandrababu comes to Parliament. But this time the TDP MPs come along with him to call the leaders, the weather is coming. On the other hand, the leaders of various national parties have discussed the issue of AP, package and various tasks with Chandrababu.

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