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Nalgonda, April 20, (
There are many historical monuments in Telangana. Sarkar plans to develop and protect the tourism. Funding for this. However, mixed reactions are on the development of the Bhongir Fort in Nalgonda district. Because it was thought to have built the Rope Way to reach this fort just five years ago. That is when the Congress government came up with this proposal. Land acquisition has also been done for this. But in the course of the five years, there is no progress in the course of the ropeway. The tourists are also disappointed with the locals. The Rope Way is available at the Bhongir Fort. In fact, the government has proposed various structures with the Rope Way, estimated at Rs 16 crores. But funding is not granted. This has not begun development work. The proposal to construct a rope path with Rs.6 crores. So the authorities are trying to start bank loan operations. Bhongir lies in the state capital of Hyderabad. It is said that the development of the fort here will bring local tourism back.


Hyderabad has the highest number of tourists. Foreigners are more likely to perform various tasks. Bhongir specialties of the Internet are knowing everything. Foreigners are keen to see this fort. Locals say that the improvement in the support of the Bhongir Fort is getting more popularity if the development works. The Bhongir Fort is suitable for the formation of the rope path. The proposal does not materialize as it has long been told to build a ropeway locally. The area where the rope path over the castle is located near the National Highway Bypass connecting three states. If there is a ropeway in this area, the government has a huge chance of earning huge revenue. Directly and indirectly employment opportunities for locals are also improved. It is assumed that the formation of the Route to the entire area of Bhongir tourism. The locals want the government to work for the development of local tourism so that the construction of the rope should be completed as soon as possible.

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