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Amaravati, April 20, (
On April 20, Chandrababu is entered in 68 years. TDP races, supporters, and fans expect the Navyaandhra to be developed in the development of his recently completed 40 years of political career. He is also supporting his commitment to protest against the central government's stance on Andhra Pradesh which is not funded by Andhra Pradesh. Chandrababu is a student in the stage of politics and is dedicated to the life of the people. From 1978, he became the leader of the nation who became the most prominent leader in the politics of his righteousness and truth.
Chandrababu is the rare leader who has turned into a system from the person. He took this specialty in the leadership of the Indian leadership, with the hardship of his welfare for public welfare. In the management of the task, it is harder than his power. Whether the body cooperates or not. Until the work is accomplished, the target will not be retained. This is the philosophy of Chandrababu since the inception of politics. That's why he is a hard worker. As an iconic leader.


He was also the first minister to join the Congress party. In 1983, he joined the TDP and rose to step by step. In 1989, NTR proposed Chandrababu was competing in Kuppam constituency. Chandrababu, who won with a huge majority at that time, still has the same result. Since then, the Kuppam is still in place. While Chief Minister of NTR, Chandrababu took a crucial revenue and finance portfolio. He was appreciated by his economists at the time when he was in the forefront of the radical policy design. In 1995, there were unprecedented developments in the party. The situation was created to protect the activists and the party. At that time Chandrababu did not respect the views of party lines. Thus, the change of leadership in the Telugu state of Chandrababu was taken by the Chief Minister. Chandrababu was appointed as Chief Minister for eighteen-eight months and thirteen days. In the 2004 elections, He was in ten years opposition leader. Chief Minister ... Opposition Leader has created a new record by taking charge as Chief Minister again. He is the first chief minister of the new Andhra Pradesh state after the partition of the state.

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