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Hyderabad, April 17, (
The newly established Enforcement and Vigilance Department will focus exclusively on GHMC Town planning. Committees formed by five departments are being monitored regularly. The teams are also set up to take immediate steps to identify the illegal structures as there is no future situation in the areas where GHMC Townships, Engineering and Police officers are still in the field of illegal structures. 


The first phase of Vigilance Department, initiated by the IPS officer, has been tasked to demolish illegal structures issued by the court. The GHMC, which has so far considered to block the illegal structures in the initial phase, is expected to initiate preliminary measures rather than the start of the original illegal structures. Officers are expected to be directly overseen by the GHMC headquarters and submission of details of construction permits issued by Zonal and Circle Offices to the Enforcement and Vigilance Department. The authorities feel that these groups must be set up so that the teams will be aware of the violations of the law and the actions of the victims. In addition to employers who are directly and indirectly encouraged, they will also be involved in the investigation. In case of voting and execution, people can directly complain to the Townplanning authorities, The authorities are expected to surrender to vigilance depending on the severity of the complaint.

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