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Guntur, April 17, (
The country is spreading over the ongoing struggles on womens. There is a big movement in social media on the continous events. The demand for harsh penalties for female children is to punish them. I was also supportive of the slogan of this movement said film actress Renu Desai.  she tried to support the views through Social media  making a  statement through post.  day before Yesterday Nirbhaya, yesterday Unnav, today Kathua  like this ... Region and caste are not associated with anything ... 


we need to note that girls are born. She said that being a girl is a crime isn't ?? She was sharing her views with a lawyer, social worker and a police officer ... and wanted to bring people aware of this incident. But they said ... unless they make laws that make them shake up, they say that unless there are any other programs, We are protesting against the girl child abuse ... in social media and rallies on roads. Yet these events did not stop ... There was no change in the demons who committed these actions. Such incidents will be delayed when the government takes tight legislation. Until then we have the responsibility to take care of our young girls ...

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