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Hyderabad, April 26, (
The Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) was inaugurated at the 17th Plenary Sessions. On 27th of this month, the Hyderabad suburb of the Kompally is running a plenary at the GBR Garden. The Chief Minister of KCR will start the electoral battle from the plenary venue. About 13,000 delegates from 119 constituencies across the state attend all the arrangements without any difficulties. Hyderabad is pink for plenary. Congratulating the party delegates, on the outskirts of the city, organized massive welcoming arrangements. Hoardings have been set up by government schemes. Fleksis are set up with KCR photos on Metro Pillars. These are the something on "Telangana gudise gudisena gulabi Janda-pedalaku ade anda". With the continuous power of the village, the jungle, the fulfillment of the Telangana dreamer-the golden Telangana-making servant, our dream-our goal of golden Telangana. The last representative on the plenary premises is also on stage, with nearly ten LED screens set up by the speakers. Summer lunch packs the packets, pudding and cold water. Special arrangements have been made to keep the campus cool. Nearly two thousand volunteers are ready to serve the representatives on the other side. Most of them are from the TRS student department. A significant number of volunteers came from Medchal district. 


They have been trained near the campus for the past two days. Their training was supervised by Deputy Mayor Baba Phasiyuddin and MLC Shambhipur Raju and MLA Vivekanand. This plenary is likely to be discussed mainly by the efforts of Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao to establish a federal front towards a qualitative change in the country. National Politics, Agriculture, Welfare, Administration Reforms, Minority Welfare and Infrastructure. These six major issues are to be introduced. Representatives will discuss and approve this. The Chief KCR will direct the party cadre for the upcoming elections as it is a meeting of the party's predecessors. The 12th passes are prepared for the representatives of the party. On the top of the passage, KSR Photo, green fields and beneficiaries of Telangana map of Telangana is printed on a photo of KCR government schemes. The crew of the TRS flag flying in the lower part is made. The names and the names of the representatives of the right are. These are provided during registration. Passes offered by party representatives were penned. The VVIP passes were made in green and NRIs in dark brown for the media representatives in the blue color for the media representatives in the blue color for the passes in the color of passes and pass for volunteers. About 125 party representatives from 24 countries participated in the Pilani party led by TRS NRI coordinator Mahesh Bhigala headed to Hyderabad. Telangana martyrs at Gan park were offered to the martyrs. From there, they reached the GBR in Kompally, where the plenary.

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