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Amaravati, April 6, (
The condition of the 108 has become miserable. The condition of 108 in the state has become so miserable. There are no proper facilities in the vehicles. Emergency medication shortage, personnel problem, difficulties with salaries, oxygen shortages, a sterile absence that are not available ... In the end, the 'Siren', which is the 108 emblem, is also dull. 108 services are now dead with the allegation of dismissal. "If the company changes, the services are awesome. 108 Kala, the condition will change, "the Health Ministry has now left the minimum monitoring responsibility. Nodal officer to monitor 108 services is limited to the office. The same is true of the service provider. What's up in the field level Are there emergency drugs in the ambulance? Does oxygen available? Are vehicles running according to the rules? There are no people in the health department. If you look at 468 vehicles across the state from December 2013 to date, there are no more than 108 grams, 4 roller bandages, 5 injections, 5 syringes, 2 selves and 5 pairs of gloves. Virtually every ambulance should have 108 medicines available. But the basic treatment was completely stalled when the management company completely stopped supplying supplements.


An oxygen-free ambulance does not mean. There are also government regulations that make oxygen mandatory in ambulances. Service providers and eaten officials have also strangled it. About 60 and 70 vehicles have no access to oxygen. As soon as there is no emergency treatment, there is an inconvenience to death in the vehicle. The vital vehicle, 108, has been criticized for 'marching' vehicles.
There are 108 staff members who are not doing their job on bundling issues. Employees who are already protesting with black badges are on strike. Employees have written letters to the authorities several times in explaining the situation. All are the basket. The crew had decided to go for 24 hours in Vijayawada on April 5 to save the system and repair the system.

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