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Hyderabad, April 17, (
The Congress, which is determined to win the 2019 elections, has been tasked to learn the sentiments of the Telangana people. The party leaders are trying to understand the wishes of the people. Telangana Congress leaders believe that they will be able to get their own opinion in terms of their wishes. On the other hand, the party is headed by a leading political strategist. The Congress, which is determined to win in Telangana and under all circumstances, has tactics to do so. The leaders of the race are trying to impress them. Congress leaders explain to people what they do when they come to power and do not criminalize the promises of KCR Sarkar. Focus on popular promises, such as a loan of Rs 2 lakh, unemployment allowance of Rs 3,000, and undivided debt to Dwarka women. The Congress has decided to further study the Telangana people's feelings at the same time. The party leaders are hoping to get a clear understanding of what they want. 


This survey is specifically designed to give a survey rather than seats and votes. The voters are divided into categories by age groups. Questions about the government's performance and what are expected from the government. The survey also collects opinion on what is expected from the Congress. The survey was conducted by AICC and the PCC did not have any connection. The Congress leaders said that the survey would be without priority to political opinions. The country's leading electoral strategist in the country is also studying in Telangana in Congress. His team members are being surveyed for the Congress to revolve around the state. What is the situation of the Congress and the party leaders in the field of strength, TRS Sarkar performance and MLAs. They have informed him about the basic information. The party has a good response to the Congress and the party has sought to cash in on it. The team has stated that it is the responsibility of the party to reinforce the growing opposition to the KCR. In all areas of Telangana, the survey says that opposition to TRS Sarkar will increase. But the survey found that the Congress was more aggressive and would not be able to turn the situation towards it. The party has shown that it does not benefit. The party leaders seem to have some enthusiasm with the news that the situation is becoming more positive, but it is not easy to come up with future political strategies. It is difficult for them to survive in the wake of the distribution of checks for farmers, the Kaleshwaram project and many other welfare programs. And surveys need to see how much the Congress has to protect.

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