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April 24, (
Suma Ranganathan (Suman Ranganathan), once known as Bold Beauty, continues to do justice to the characters he has joined. The films 'Myna' and 'Neer Dose' have proved to be a popular feature. Suman Ranganathan who has shown his tadakana in Kannada has played a distinctive role in 'Dundupalyam-4'. The film does not have any connection with the 'Dandupalayam' trilogy. What kind of tactics have a strategy designed to prevent their compatriots in their 'Dandupalyam-4'? Have they fired their tactics? Have they succeeded or succeeded in police action? The dungeon 4 was created with interesting facts. Seema has acted as the hero of seven Ganges. The film has completed 30 percent shooting. Suma Ranganathan said that the story is based on some factual events. Eight people are in jail in 40 gangs. She said that the film was created with the elaborate plan to avoid them. Suma Ranganathan says that he enjoyed the film as long as he is acting in this film. She said, "Seven gangs have acted, how they sat down and what they had done and how well it looked like these things. She likes the role of the character, the variation in the story, and in hot summer she enjoying with scenes, "she said.


Suma Ranganatham, who later became a hot girl in Tamil films, has been restricted to Kannada and Tamil films. Not many days later on the screen. The roles he had joined were playing. In the meantime, she has the diploma in my favorite psychology. The diploma will be in August. "Psychology is very useful to read the man and their psychology, so this subject is from the beginning.
The film is being shot in Bangalore, Hubli, Belgaum, and Chitradurga in Karnataka. The film will be released in five languages. Nayak is planning. The film will be released in Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Hindi. Sanjeev, Vithal, Arun Bachchan, Richa Shastri, Bullet Somu and Sneha are other prominent actors. Anand Raja is producing music for this film. R Giri is acting as a cinematographer.

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