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Guntur, April 19, (
AP Assembly Speaker Kodela Shivaprasad Rao took up the bicycle trip to protest the Center's stand. Speaking on the occasion, Kodela said, "I cannot speak politics as a speaker, but I have been competing at that time and I do not have to implement those promises for four years and I do not think there will be any benefit for the state," said Speaker Kodela Sivasprasad Rao, the Speaker of the Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly. 


Kodela fell under the bicycle at Yelamala in the district. He was spilled on his head. In this order, the Speaker was first cared for. Later, he started a bicycle rally. Kodela Shiva Prasada Rao on Thursday launched a bicycle rally in front of the Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu. He started his journey from the sanctuary of Narsarapet town and left for Kottappakonda.  bicycle took about 15 kms in four hours. Speaker is one of the five crore Hundreds and he has done this for protesting the Center. The caller  on the people to fight the central government to show the strength of the Andhras and to fight together. People who are fighting for state purposes are indirectly criticizing the YCP for knowing who is trying for the woes of the case. 101 Degrees fever coders praised that party activists were enthusiastic about his trip without counting the temperature of 42 degrees.

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