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Vijayawada, April 19, (
Actress Srireddy has been fiercely criticizing the remarks made against Pawan Kalyan, who are fighting against Tollywood casting Couch. Prominent director producer Tammareddy Bharadwaj said that the actress had been accused Madhavi latha five months before casting  couch after that lyricist shreshta, singer and actress Gayatri Gupta and the latest Srireddy leaks. He said two months ago about the casting couch and asked  to take action then nobody cared for him. It's a bad thing to talk about it hystorically since the days of the month. Many of the celebrity daughters, grandchildren, and wives are currently in the film industry ... 


Are women in our families sitting here? Questioned. How many heroines and heroes do not get married in Tollywood? Anything has to be witnessed, say the cases and you are angry about how you can talk without proof. Pawan Kalyan advised the police to complain if the injustice happened, and he said that he was doing wrong and screaming. TammaReddy commented: "Why do not you know why Srireddy is wrong?" Tammareddy said it was canceled as it was not received Look. The assertion of the Aasra Committee came after the assertions were made from 1997 to 2002. Over the past 30 years, there have been many untouchabilities, and they are said to have been in place for ten years. In the TV and media, it is the power of those who are deceived by advertising, and the media has also asked to comply. He also said that there is a right  wrong, and the responsibility to explore the reasons. The members of the cash committee said that they were searching for those who worked hard to commit suicide and would reveal their names in two or three days. The letter has already been written to all sections of the casting couches, and anyone should make a mistake if anybody does wrong. ThammaReddy said that people need to be informed about the facts.

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