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Mahaboobnagar, April 12, (
Still in the Nallamala forest area has started a riot. The people of the Nallamala forest area have been protesting against the permission of the central and state governments to permit uranium excavation in the forests of the Nallamala forest. The bundh was in full swing when the JAC called for a bundh of Amrabad and Padara Mandals in the Akkampetta constituency in the Nagar kurnool forest area. The adivasis in the forest area demanded that the bundh should be cancelled and granted permission for uranium excavations.


The Nagar Kurnool district is in the forest area of ​​Amrabad. appapur is the headquarters of the town of chenchupenta. 73 Thorns like Gaurapur, Rampur, Pullaiyappalli, Sangitigundam, Eerlapenta, Lingaberi, Pandiriboomi , Agatlapenta, Mallapur, Farabad, Votavarlapalli, Mallela Tirtham, Sarlapalli, Right Chentalabailu, Thattigundala, Kollam, Kommanapeta, rayavetapenta. There are more than 100 people per family. It is estimated that there are only 7,000 people now. Uranium excavations have been allowed. "We do not have to endure the destruction of the forest area. Uranium excavations are in the Krishnanadhi and there is a danger of Krishna's pollution. Scientists claim that the possibility of water becomes vulnerable to governments would be a shame to give uranium permits. Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu states that drinking water is used for irrigation purposes. If the water is contaminated, it is threatening people's lives. Wildlife is a danger to uranium in the Nallamala forest that provides a balanced atmosphere for life and animal life. Chief Minister KCR warned that the chair would collapse so that there would be a fight from the Nallamala forest area to leave the TRS government that could harm the people of Nallamala.

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