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Hyderabad April 17 (
The Chief Secretary C.Parthasarathy  with the team of officers from the Central Secretariat Services Division. In Telangana Secretariat, they are discussing various schemes implemented by the Telangana state government in the areas of Telangana agriculture. Telangana soil, climatic conditions and variety of crops. Mainly it is rainforest agriculture, drought prone , rising costs and irrigation problems. With the Telangana state being formed, the state government is making the highest priority for agriculture and it is going forward with plans to develop. 16,124.38 crore loan waiver (4 installments) for farmers. Offering continuous free electricity. He said micro irrigation would be implemented in 4.86 lakh acres. In the last four years, Rs 586.16 crore has been allocated for agricultural mechanization as a result of the scarcity of labor. 

He said that he has built warehouses to store crops in the right way. Telangana said that the country is moving forward in order to maintain the seed arch out of the country. He said farm produce was timely to take care of the farmers. He said several reforms have been made, including E-Nam to purchase cropped crops. Major, medium and minor irrigation projects will be allocated a budget of Rs 25,000 crore annually and will complete the construction of the projects on the basis of war. 2018 from the Kharif to farmers in the name of the investment scheme for farming in the name of the investment scheme. Rs. 1,000 per kg in kharif for every acre of irrigation would be Rs 8,000 per acre in Rabi. This cooperation will be applicable to all agriculture and horticultural crops. The state government has stuck to the farmers to protect the  borrowers. With the help of investment in the farm, the farmers have to buy seeds, fertilizers, pesticides and needy products rather than the cost of crop insurance premiums. The scheme will be implemented by the state government. This scheme has been purged by the farmers' lands and records for the convenience of other governments. Already the checks to pay for farmers have been completed too. Similarly, the Chief Secretary of the Agriculture Cooperation Center and the State Government are implementing various agricultural schemes. The Chief Secretary explained the questions asked by a delegation of representatives of the Central Secretariat Services Division. Agriculture officials explained through the slideshow on various topics. Agriculture Commissioner Dr M. Jagan Mohan, IAS, Horticulture Commissioner L. Venkatrami Reddy, Marketing Manager Lakshmi Bai, Additional Additional Director, Agriculture - 1G. Nariman, US director Agriculture and horticultural officials including Balunayak participated in the meeting.

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