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Hyderabad, April 14 (
The rules in the city are climbing .. The buffer zone is fenced in. Nearly 2,000 yards of land has been gathered. The construction of the canvas is going on. GHMC officials blindly approve the building of large-scale constructions, disobeying the rules, if one is higher than one level at a field level. Thus the building company has left the buffer zone. This is the largest real estate project in the buffer zone of the lime pond in the IT corridor. Irrigation rules require a 30m space to go ... Fencing is under construction and is a production company called Preston Developers.
The Survey No. 14 in the Bagumpet village of Sherilingampalli Mandal has an 8.09 acres land in private persons. Preston developers' company has applied for the GHMC on February 6, 2016, in the name of S Rajit Kumar Reddy for construction of Villas. Permits were issued on 4 April 2017 for construction of a total of 29,719.50 square meters, along with residential houses and facilities. For this, constructors paid Rs.2.93 crore as building permit fees. The project is being constructed as a gateway to the Stutt Plus, with a total of 89 villas and a plot plus four-story building on the same premises. According to the rules, the buffer zone of the specified level should be dropped for the project which is located next to the pond. The Grampians will have to give permission based on the non-submission of the irrigation department. After the work has begun plan according to plan? Or ..? It is to be examined by the GHMC officials. But when they ignored, the builders tickled the rules. The buffer zone has taken up structures without leaving.


Allapur village beside the Begumpet lime pond is located 32.50 acres. The pond is on buffer zone survey number 14 on the hills of Madhapur. The geographical zone is estimated to be around 30 meters around the ponds of over 25 acres, according to the GO 168. If the pond area is less than 25 acres, the buffer zone is nine meters. According to these rules, the lime pond should be around 30 meters, about 100 feet as buffer zone. The Buffer Zone provision was not implemented in this project. The construction of ponds was constructed in front of the fence formed by the GHMC in front of the compound wall. "Fencing should be set up only by the actual FTL range. With the presence of a space, the Preston Developers projected Fencing at 12 meters of buffer zone beyond the FTL project, "officials say. If this is true, the construction of the 18 meters from the fencing will have to be constructed. But here, the construction of the pillar near to fencing was started. Nearly 55 feet of work in the buffer zone is going on.
The project is being constructed next to the lime pond. Nearly 2,000 yards are coming to the builders, as the buffer zone does not work there. Around a half acre of land in this expensive area, where the villas are built, but the income is at least Rs 30-40 crores.

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