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Hyderabad, April 21, (
Ethylene packets manufactured indigenously to make mangoes fruitfully are coming to the market soon. Formerly a merchant of Nashik in Maharashtra, the examinations conducted in IIT, Hyderabad, found no harm. The company representatives of the grass-roots market, SGS, met the representatives of the company to explain their ethylene powder and requested permission to use them. Price, Packaging Director Rajinder Kabra kaghaz last few fruits and vegetables to see the policies that are being investigated for a long time durability. Also exporting grapefruit to 14 countries in Europe. As a result, the formula has been signed with Akbar Khan, a spokesperson of Tanveer fruit Company of Hyderabad Graduate Fruit Market, in order to prepare the millet powder for releasing the ethylene gas and drinking fruits without the use of carbide, China ethylene.


It is reported that there is no harm in their powder.Market categories fruit market, the chairman of the meeting, attended by representatives of SGS carbide, China packetized Vulnerabilities found themselves without claiming IICT gives clean chit to the newly designed Ethylene powder. JK Enterprises, kaaghaz packaging company director Rajinder Cabra, a spokesman for the company Akbar Khan, Gaddi Annaram Tanvir fruit company Puttam Purushottam Rao et committee chairman, SGS Ellayya, they described their powder packets in meeting. Responding to the chairperson Purushottam Rao and SGS, it would be better if the newly-made Ethylene packets are available from the FoodSpace authorities and the marketing department.

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