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Karimnagar, April 21, (
The searcher is preparing Geotagging with the aim of hampering the abuse. Demand for land is growing daily. Government lands are at risk. Considering all these, the state government has decided to undertake gestation by government surveyors. Karimnagar district administration is preparing the orders for this. The already undertaking mapping process continues with the remote sensing application center. The Divisional Department records have clarified that 3,223 acres of land in the 320-acre area of Joint District. There are 559 acres of 53 temples. The rest of the 2,664 acres do not have a patrician paper. Hundreds of acres were occupied, as well as 1,828 acres of lands in the joint district. There was over a thousand acre. There are many doubts about the success of the authorities and the success of the recruitment efforts. Karimnagar district has 16 mandals and has already been taken out of the nine zones. Collecting from other zones. Geotagging is based on this information. 


The experimental Karimnagar district was selected by the order and the directions were issued by the official authority. Taking into account the already existing survey numbers, it will start tagging from next week. As soon as this is completed, this process will be taken up in Rajanna Siricilla, Peddapalli, and Jagathala district. In the joint district, 3,68,808 acres of land is available to the Sarkar. In September 2014, the government ordered to recall how much of the land was acquired by industries in the identified land. The officials of the field were taken into consideration in the field by taking into consideration the records given by the Revenue Department. A total of 3.68 lakh acres have been identified for the establishment of 56.088 acres of land. According to the latest figures in the newly created Karimnagar district, 22,177 acres of land in the district has been identified as 2,487 acres of land in the district. Only a handful of officers are recovered and another 47 acres controversy is on the court. There are 2,431 acres to take the other people's.

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