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Guntur, April 19, (
Last night, the fog was closed. There s allegations. Larry earthen is sold from Rs 3,000 to Rs 4,000 and lays out millions of rupees in the pockets. People in the nominees of the ruling party, who have been accused of violating these laws, are also trying to sabotage the public. People complain that many officers have gone to visit the place where they have been subject to irregularities. The allegations are being blamed for hoarding of government officials and public officials and hoisting the party leaders. Around 20 acres of the bills in the black market have moved millions of crops worth crores of rupees worth of taxes without paying taxes to the government. 


Survey No. 508, 513, 514, 515 in the village of Ravinagar in the village of Varanaswaram is located in 1000 yards. The shrine is not performed because the temple is in ruins. Thus, the local ruling party leaders considered it as adjacent to a thousand acre of land with nightclubs overnight and dug up to about 6 feet in depth. The local people argued that at least the officer did not care about the land belonging to the temple. The SC colony of Gorantla village has 458, 457, 458, 55 cemetery in Surveyor. The cemetery has also become an area of debate that has been sold. . Furthermore, the authorities react to the tiggy leaders in the village and want to save the public lands and the public asked.

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