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Bangalore, April 18, (
Assembly elections in Karnataka are going on. Leaders of all parties are busy with promotional campaigns. The strategy is designed to turn the voters back to them. The BJP, which is facing adverse circumstances, is trying to get cricket legendary in the party to impress young voters. But the BJP is in the Karnataka Assembly to face the inconvenience of the Voter anger and the party leaders illegal activities. However, the Kamala Nathulu who are trying to sail in Karnataka is drawing a new sketch to attract young voters. The BJP feels that Kumble and Dravid should be promoted in the state assembly polls in May ... But they are not ready to make political entry. 


Local leaders like Anil Kumble and Rahul Dravid are averse to the issue. But the BJP is making efforts to convince them to do anything. but they have refused to come into politics ... BJP leaders have said, "Kumble and Dravid are still in talks ... At least one of them is either Lok Sabha or Rajya Sabha Despite the hope that it will be put in the ring Kumble and Dravid refused to talk to the media ... The elections in Karnataka will be held on May 12th ... The process of nomination has already begun. Kumble, who has been sent off to international cricket and he has served as coach of the Indian team ... now he has the IPL 11th commentator. Dravid as a coach to India-A and Under-19 team.

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