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Bangalore, March 15, (
Ileana got angry.Celebrates are going to take their place. They do not like what they want to hurt their image. However, a journalist who has hurt two times of Goa beauty Ileana in a single event. Ileana is now busy with Reid Movie Promotions. Heroin is partnered with Ajay Devgan's tribe in publicity activities. But a journalist in one event is in an excitement.


 "Today we are here with Super Star Ajay Devgan .. Ileana D'Souza".If Ileana's name is not change .. Hero gives a superstar tag to remember that he is in singular..However this happens only once. Again the reporter repeat the word. Iliana was angry and said that you had to do some homework before .. names mixed and said that it was too bad to say to the reporter very respectful.

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