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Vijayawada,March 12,(
Until yesterday's name of the special status we are talking about that name then the cm Chandrababu treated as Raunchy that word.If the concerns for the special status Make arrests kept into police stations.But today things have changed. The special status of the AP is to be given.While resigning to the posts of ministers and trying to hit people in credit ...That is the credit for is their party The main parties are competing.Once the status is required, once they play reverse drama, The original status is not referenced.Now the real situation is known.We are fighting for status.Chandrababu is campaigning for YCP leaders to move out of Parliament.As a result, we have done so for the status.It is understood that people are trying to claim to have done so.


Fights for the special status from the first is YCP.There is no doubt.But in the middle of that party, the party lacked.The yoke is dropped. In the Presidential and Vice-Presidential elections, the BJP has joined hands.The leaders like Vijayasai Reddy said that they did not allocate in the budget.If the Prime Minister is in the House, the leaders are worried outside.On the other hand, the government has no confidence in the government.It was at the end of the parliamentary session. As a result, the party is suspected to have been forced into it.From village to town for status, The credibility of the concerns is a strain.At the stroke level, YCP leader Jagan has made protests.But now it has become the same difficulty for TDP.For four years, the silence has been silenced ... now they are taking the feeling that they are fighting.We are fiercely fighting The leaders of both the parties are kicking.Who is saying that there is nothing to give the status? BJP is on the other side.Leaders do not understand the incident.Pawan Kalyan, the leader of the Jana Sana, used to boast that he would lead the people.In practically it was unable to work.Go to Delhi and meet all the leaders of all parties. Threw the challenge.Telling a word.It does not working this is the daily activity for Pawan Kalyan.

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