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New York, March 21 (
Facebook is in troubles. The popular social media giant Facebook is in trouble. The company's shares have fallen dramatically as news agencies have questioned Zuckerberg's allegations of alleged Facebook leaks. On Monday on Wall Street, Facebook shares fell by 7 percent. This is the first time the share value has fallen in a single day in the last four years. Accusations have been made to lure nearly 5 crore clients' personal information from Facebook for political purposes. 


Articles in the American and British media have reported that Cambridge Analitika's scandal was traced to Donald Trump during the US presidential election campaign in 2016. It was also reported that US and European investigating agencies were questioning Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on how Facebook users were given details of the consultation work for the Trump election campaign. It has been promoted that many governments will be restrained on many tech giant companies, including Facebook. Facebook shares fell heavily after it was pumped into investors. The market value of the shares fell by 7 percent. Thus, wealth of 2.60 trillion rupees was eroded.

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