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Warangal, March 19, (
Customers are queuing for the postal bank. There is a possibility for people to turn on post-service while cashing on cash deposits and wages on banks. Customers can find any number of transactions with a postfo debit card, but the burden of charging is not enough. At present, tremendous restrictions on cash transactions in banks are angry to clients. The cash deposit was allowed only four times per month, and the subsequent withdrawal of privatization banking giants cost 150 rupees as taxes, as well as cash withdrawals by the ATM. State-run banking giant SBI will also burden the interest rates on account holders. This is why people are afraid to maintain accounts in the bank now. A few months ago, post fasts also launched ATM services. Core banking services have already been made available in post formats, so now if a person with a savings account in the post office has to pay a minimum of 50 rupees. 


The new account opening is only Rs 100. The postal department has also issued ATM cards to clients. This card is open to all ATMs including postal ATMs. There is no limit to ATM services. There is no burden on it. This means customers are expected to start a savings account in postfos. The postal department has been shielded to postal banks because there is a wide range of benefits and efficient service to the clients. At present, 7,800 people have been issued ATM cards. There are 16 ATMs operating in the range of the region, with 4,200 transactions per week. There is confidence in the authorities that people will look forward to postal services in the future.

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