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Amaravati, March 19, (
On Monday, Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu held a teleconference with party MPs. Speaking on this occasion, he suggested that if the refusal of antitrust resolution is to protect the constitution, a large protest should be done. He said the BJP should make the state protests and rallies at village and village level over the injustice done by the BJP. We are supporting all parties on disbelief. The debate on the national level will be held on injustice. MPs appreciated heroic fight for our rights. This time should be alert, no one should be bad. We are asking to do justice. Would you fight against those who seek justice? Chandrababu shouted at BJP leaders. The Congress also said in the plenary that it is the seat of the party. In that case, he stuck to what was the objection to the center. Jagan then succumbed to the woes of the Congress and then laluichi with the Congress and laughing with the BJP. He also said that even the TDP MPs were hiding in the Lok Sabha under the supervision of the MPs. Laloochi is now politics. Disdaining with a party and stirring with another party, the House is going to postpone.


He criticized Lalu's politics for poverty. Chandrababu said the meeting of the central elders in the PMOV has to do the same. Everyone knows why Pawan Kalyan has taken you back. He questioned why the person who has not been criticized for four years now has been obscene. There are no deposits for scavengers. Those who do bad things are playing daggers. Red-headed with photos, including the photos. Bike rallies should be conducted in all the constituencies. Doctrine should be promoted and pamphlets should be distributed. Village Grammar Campaign should be lifted. Laloojee's politics should be put out and the politics of conspiracy to sunny. He said that there is no compromise on the rights of the people of the state on the interests of the state. The 19 items in the Partition Act said that the guarantees given by Parliament should be fulfilled to ensure that the Center has to be equal to the neighboring states.

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