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Amaravati, March 16, (
Center conspiracy with Pawan and Jagan. AP CM Chandrababu Naidu furiously said that the central government is playing drama with Jagan and Pawan. On Friday morning, he spoke in teleconference with Telugu Telugu MPs. The Center has decided to go into the people's attitude. There is a big conspiracy against Andhra Pradesh. We can not leave the culprits under any circumstances and stand up in the public court. People are watching the center, Jagan and Pawan's drama, Chandrababu said. They say that they will give a sense of adequate time. Partners in this great conspiracy will give people an appropriate intellect. Union Minister Indrajith announced yesterday that you do not say you should not be the 14th Finance Commission. We have told us not to give status to the financial community. What is the drama ..? The Center is apathetic to the seriousness of the state in the state. He also said that the Finance Bill was also adjourned. 


He said that notwithstanding the support of ycp disbelief, the Telugu Desam will introduce a no-confidence motion in the Lok Sabha. We will see the special status of you to come through ... you do not have faith and will resign with MPs, Jagan, in the end of the struggle ... You will be given special status by the center of th drama with the Pawan kalyan drama criticizing Chandrababu. AP CM Chandrababu has called for the people's attitude to dancing with Jagan and Pawan. Chandrababu questioned Chandrababu's account of the office of the Prime Minister's Office and what works for 1 and 2 of the cases of financial crimes there. Gita Reddy, like Reddy, are giving interviews to Vijayasai Reddy. People are watching all this. Why do not you hide the media by Vijayasai Reddy? Why come from behind? He asked who he would come to PMO with Vijayasai Reddy. Does the people of Andhra Pradesh have emotions? What is the conspiracy behind Pawan Kalyan's statement that he is not the only one in 4 years? Chandrababu questioned anyone behind this conspiracy. Pawan criticized him for the benefit of the TDP in the center.

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