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Hyderabad,February 20,(
Student's studies are going on in the reading of the reader gorantha .. Mossadi kondanta. The little girls who read and play with playbooks are bothered with the burden of books. Students are more likely to have books in private schools than in public schools. Orders issued by the authorities are limited to files. The nurses, namely LKG and UKG is, have been told that the books are not the same as the original books.


Playing while playing the child is becoming a burden on the weight of books. Children are allergic to the bag with books. Their wings are not overloaded beyond their ability. And the students are going to go to the classrooms of the two and the three floors are hell. Student's physical growth is at risk of book burden and the authorities do not mind. Orders issued by the authorities are limited to files.

In July, the education bags were issued in order to reduce weight loss, but students were not overweight and did not face health problems due to lack of comprehensive action to implement them. The Education Department said that the management should take steps to check the baggage weight loss, and the authorities have to check and examine any actions on non-executive management, but the authorities did not explicitly specify what to do. A recent survey by the Education Department showed that the bare barrier in the field was reduced. According to the study, children from 6 to 12 kilos in primary and secondary schools and 12 to 17 kilograms of high school bags are being carried out by students every day, and some schools are in multi-story buildings because of the heavy bags being carried out by children. It has shown that the student's physical growth has a profound effect. Further authorities must take steps to reduce the burden of books on children. Otherwise, they have a serious effect on their health.

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