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Nellore, February 28 (
The faculty of junior college and faculty of high school. In the upcoming academic year (2018-10), the government colleges in the district are trying hard to increase admission. This year, the public examination of the tenth class students is impressed and enlightened to join the government colleges. Besides the leave days, the lecturers, along with the principals of the district's high schools in the district, are going to form a group and go to high school. Going to Class 10 classroom classes and explaining the benefits of joining government junior colleges. There are 108 private junior colleges all over the district of Anantapur. Of these, only 48 are government colleges. Admission to private colleges is preferable for students and their parents are also inappropriately avoiding the cost.


However, the lack of ventilation problems in the government colleges, old buildings, and the lack of new buildings will be the main reasons for students' absence. On the other hand, the faculty did not have the scandal that could not be responsible for the academic teaching. Another reason for the student's parents is that their children will be able to make their children better, as a result of private college students. The number of admissions in private colleges is higher than those who reach government colleges. This year, new buildings have been sanctioned, there have educated faculty and  have been given adequate facilities for the students. In addition, the pass percentage is growing in the last three years. 56% of the academic year 2014-15 was passed. In the year 2015-16, 62 percent pass percentage was achieved in 2016-17 and the pass percentage was increased to 66%.

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