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Medak, February 5 (
The State Government undertaking various measures for the development of agriculture has overcome the shortage of laborers as part of the mechanization and introduced the subsidized tractors scheme for farmers to facilitate farming. The Agriculture Department is planning to supply a subsidy on subsidized water to a tractor per 300 acres from the next fiscal year.

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The district is the preferred area for agriculture. Most of the people's livelihood is agriculture in rural background. Around 3,18,272 acres of agricultural land in the district has been identified in the recent past conducted by the Land Survey. Farmers have 1.2 lakh people. According to the Transport Department statistics, there are 5,391 tractors in the district. Out of this, 3,703 were purchased for agricultural purposes and 1,688 were non-agricultural purposes. Farmers say there is an average of 200 acres per season with a tractor each season.

Though the number of tractors purchased in the district for agricultural purposes is high, most of them are utilized for non-agricultural purposes. According to the rules, only those who have obtained permission for agricultural purposes should use only those services. But against commercial use of sand, soil, gravel, timber, water transport etc. Because of this, farmers are suffering from tractors for planting seasonal crops. In keeping with this, the government has decided to provide subsidized one to every 300 acres, either by establishing associations with farmers or personally. The district with a priority in agriculture is likely to be eligible for the next 2018-19 fiscal year. Subsidy subsidy tractors have been disqualified. Farmers want to be allocated only as a result of a large number of sanctions.
120 tractor distributed to the district for the year 2016-17.will be distributed in February. A total of 500 applications were received. Zonal Development Officer, Tahsildar, a member of the Committee of Ministers of the Agrarian Authority, examines the applications and selects eligible farmers as beneficiaries according to the guidelines. New proposals will be made for subsidy tractors distributed by the government to the next fiscal year.83 subsidized tractors were distributed to the district in the year 2015-16. For the 2016-17 fiscal year, the sanction has been sanctioned six to six. There are about 500 farmers applying for this. Subsidy tractors have not been distributed since the government has not released funds. The agriculture department has convinced companies to pay subsidy tractors for the current financial year so that the government will soon release funds. Soon the tractor will be delivered.

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