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New Delhi, February 2, (
The BJP, which is at the Center, is trying to hold elections across the country. This is trying to get support from all the states.

                                                     DID THE MOOD GO AHEAD?

But if the elections are coming, we do not specifically say how much the leaders are concerned. Especially the leaders of the ruling party will become alert. All the parties present in Telangana are also discussing secret meetings. The Center is getting information from the Center that Parliament Elections are to be held by the end of this year. Tack is also heard that assembly polls can also take place. Our Telugu state chief ministers have recently set up special meetings on this issue.

 Telangana Chief Minister KCR as the resent of the leaders to be ready for the elections .. 2018-19 Budget after everybody should focus on constituencies. Besides, KCR is also filled with new strength in the leaders. According to the survey, almost all of the seats are strong in the TRAs .. We are sure to win in the next elections too. KCR said that in some districts, the party should be strengthened. It's time to decide who will really benefit if the early elections come

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