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Nalgonda, February 2, (
Nagarjuna Sagar has begun to re-use water under the left foot. The controversy erupts in the absence of any connection between allotments made by the Krishna Board under the left call. Even though 12 TNGCs have been allotted under the left wing, so far 6.61 TMCs have been used and the AP Board has been forced to take action for the rest of the water release.

                                                                 STIR WATER AGAIN

The SAS has released 1561 TMCs from AP Srisailam to release Aayakattu in Guntur district under Sagar left the district and released water from Sagar to the left. However, in the last three months, 12 TMSCs have been allocated 6.61 TMCs. The Board has issued a letter to the Board today to take action against the release of water. In the past, such a problem has not come to an end. Sagar now has only 529 feet of water. There are no hopes for the full AP to release water from Sagar to the left. It is necessary to release water from Srisailam again in this backdrop.

 It was a big question that Sagar was going to be released from Srisailam at this time. In a similar vein, the board chairperson Srivastava wrote to Telangana a few hours before the retirement on Wednesday to release the water for the purpose of AP needs from Sagar. The Telangana wrote to the board on Wednesday that the AP was less than its actual consumption under the use of POTRDD. According to the PRP, 102.57 teens were reported while 91.77 teens showed that only 10.80 tons of TMC had been reported.

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