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PEOPLE ARE SCARED ...SPONGE FACTORY ... The 15 villages are ill

Ranga Reddy, February 2, (
The people of Kandivanam village in the Shadnagar Mandal of Ranga Reddy district are suffering from illness for 15 years. The people of Kandivanam in the gram panchayat area of Mudiglige Mudiglige Mandalam were the healthiest people in the past. Within 15 years, the village was named 'Om Shiva Shakti' by the firyuriran factory. This industry is threatening people's health after the establishment. Scientists have concluded that air and water contaminants are caused by the firuriran factory. Groundwater became black. The dark layers of roads and houses are formed.

                 PEOPLE ARE SCARED ...SPONGE FACTORY ... The 15 villages are ill

Adults and children are suffering from respiratory diseases. A resident of Hyderabad in Kandivanam was examined by a respiratory expert in Hyderabad and questioned whether your village has a sponge iron factory. That means the fact that the factory has a high risk. West Bengal and other governments have shut down the factories that polluted their states 15 years ago. The factory owners of some of the factories brought their factory machines and set up industries in the 150-kilometer area of Hyderabad. Crude iron and industrial coal are the main raw materials for the sponge iron factory. Industrial coal is used to burn raw iron. Both are not in the village or nearby areas of Kandivanam. If Iron Ore comes from Karnataka, coal comes from other countries. 

Coal to the Visakhapatnam harbor from the US and other countries using the SpirIiran factories in Telangana. Experts say problems are causing problems in using coal that is not quality-free. Research results reveal that atmospheric pollution caused by the coal-fired factory in the village of Kandivanam. The Pollution Control Board occasionally checks with complaints from people. There are allegations that these factories do not take any action because of factory management and 'good relations' with officials in the Pollution Control Board. The officials of the Om Shiva Power Sponge Iron Factory Pollution Control Board have issued notices to four times in the last five years. It is clear that these notices were just for the people's welfare. On September 19, 2017, the Pollution Control Board was closed on the latest notice

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